Beers Made By Walking – Seattle Hiking Trips

BMBW2015Some of you may remember last fall’s Beers Made By Walking event at Naked City. We all got to try some incredible beers brewed by local brewers who gained their inspiration through nature hikes and walks as part of the Beers Made By Walking (BMBW) program. Many of these beers were even brewed with some of the native flora encountered on the hikes.

BMBW gets craft brewers out into nature to inspire and introduce them to native plant species culminating in the production of innovative craftbeers that capture the essence of the natural landscape. 

If you are interested in joining our local breweries on their hikes there are two opportunities available to you over the next few weeks. 

August 9, 9am- Middle Fork Snoqualmie Trail – Register Here
Breweries: Fremont Brewing, Machine House Brewery
Description: Hike the Middle Fork Snoqualmie Trail with Mountains to Sound Greenway and Fremont Brewing. This trail follows the Snoqualmie River under dense tree cover, through old-growth forests with fern undergrowth. Watch for wildlife along the river. Make sure to wear sturdy footwear as there is some rocky terrain.

August 15, 9am – Little Bandera – Register Here
Breweries: Two Beers Brewing, Seattle Cider Company, Lantern Brewing
Description: Come hike Little Bandera with Mountains to Sound Greenway and Seattle area breweries. This hike is the most difficult in the Seattle program, but the views from Little Bandera are worth the effort. Take in views of Mt. Rainier and the valley below, as we learn about local flora. Wear sturdy footwear and bring plenty of water.


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