Tomorrow – Hilliard’s releases Drinking Buddies collaboration with Jameson Whiskey

DBuddiesHilliard’s Beer had the distinction of being just one of five breweries from around the US to be invited by Jameson Whiskey to partake in their Drinking Buddies collaboration. As part of the program, Hilliard’s Head Brewer Todd Garrett and co-Founder Adam Merkl were brought to the Jameson Whiskey distillery in Ireland to get a first hand look at the making of Jameson. They returned to Seattle with Jameson Whiskey barrels and one directive: to use the barrels to “age a beer as unique as the neighborhood it comes from.”

With this in mind, Hilliard’s used the barrels to create a Jameson Whiskey Barrel Sour, inspired by the classic whiskey sour cocktail. They brewed a kettle-soured saison, fermented with Belgian yeast and lactobacillus, and then aged the beer in the Jameson barrels. The resulting Kettle-soured Saison will include tart, lemony notes from the Belgian yeast and lactobacillus, while the Jameson Whiskey Barrels will impart flavors of caramel, vanilla and charred oak.

The Drinking Buddies collaboration is set for release tomorrow (8/19). For more information on the Drinking Buddies collaboration (including a cool video) and for notes on the Jameson Whiskey Barrel Sour see below.

Info from Drinking Buddies:

Jameson and Hilliard’s Beer both believe in great taste without pretense and in the pure enjoyment of a good time over a great drink. Which explains why we flew them from the PNW all the way to Ireland to see how we do what we do. Then sent them home with Jameson Whiskey barrels in which they’re brewing a unique beer called Jameson Whiskey Barrel Sour. Watch more about Hilliard’s Beer’s home in Seattle, the Jameson collaboration and the beer Ireland inspired.

Hilliard’s Beer opened in Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood in October 2011 with the goal of making great craft beer with the best ingredients. And to make it widely and easily available so people could have the feeling of going out and grabbing a pint with friends no matter where they were. Driven by a belief in quality without pretention, the people of Hilliard’s love to share their knowledge and passion for what they do. Especially when it’s shared over a beer in their brewery taproom.

Hilliard’s Beer, Jameson Whiskey Barrel Sour:

  • Color – Chestnut.
  • Aroma – Citrus, spiced wood, and a light sweetness.
  • Flavor – Kettle-soured Saison with tart, lemony notes from the Belgian yeast and lactobacillus. Flavors of caramel, vanilla and charred oak imparted by the barrels.
  • ABV – 5.5%

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