Reuben’s and The Beer Junction collaboration Bottle Release – Pumpkin Junction Latte Imperial Stout

RtbjOver the past 3 years The Beer Junction’s annual “Pumpkin Junction” has grown to be one of the best celebrations of Pumpkin Beer in Seattle. Now, if we exclude a certain event put on by a certain brewery owned by a certain corporation, we can say that it’s pretty much the best pumpkin-beer-centric festival around.  And when you have an event this great you need a beer made especially for it. Enter Reuben’s Brews, producer of some of the best beer you’ll find around the city. 

The Beer Junction and Reuben’s teamed up to create the eponymously named “Pumpkin Junction Latte Imperial Stout,” capturing the essence of that awesome pumpkin celebration. Next Thursday (9/3, 5-8PM) Reuben’s Brews and The Beer Junction will unveil their creation at a bottle release party and tasting event!

About the beer:

A big, smooth and creamy stout full of chocolate, coffee, and pumpkin notes. Spices complement the pumpkin. And coffee from a local roaster was added at bottling. 8.4% ABV, 34IBU

Event info from The Beer Junction:

It’s no secret that we at The Beer Junction are big fans of pumpkin beers. While our 4th Annual Pumpkin Junction Fest is still a couple months away, we’re excited to kick off the pumpkin beer season with a special event with our friends at Reuben’s Brews. We’ll be debuting a beer Reuben’s made just for us– aptly called “Pumpkin Junction“. We’ll be serving both a regular and nitro version of Pumpkin Junction, along with the release of 22oz bottles.


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