National Cheeseburger Day Crawl Burger #1: Li’l Woody’s

Lil Woody

Here it goes, Joey and Matt checking in for National Cheeseburger Day. After some indecision on which Seattle neighborhood to tackle we’ve opted to embark on our adventure in Ballard. This evening we are going to try to eat at least three cheeseburgers in celebration. And we’re bringing you along for the ride!

The first stop: Li’l Woody’s

A Ballard staple located on Market St. adjacent to Ballard Beer Company. Of course when you come to Li’l Woody’s you almost have to go traditional, at least the first time, to try the Li’l Woody or the Big Woody. With our attempt to eat a minimum of three cheeseburgers tonight, we decided to do just that.

Our burger pick: The Li’l Woody

The Li’l Woody is a delicious blend of a 1/4 lb beef patty, with Tillamook cheddar cheese, chopped onions and pickles finished with ketchup and mayo. A flavor blast from the first bite, this was a great way to start out the night. The cheese melded perfectly with the patty and all the seasonings were a nice addition. Here’s hoping the next one is as satisfying!

PS: If you’re looking for an add-on, the fries were smaller cut and delicious.

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  1. […] We kicked off the festivities at Li’l Woody’s on Market Street, a place we frequent fairly often, especially due to its proximity to Ballard Beer Co. Li’l Woody’s is pretty well known throughout Seattle and even has another location in Capitol Hill; it seemed a logical place to begin our crawl. We each grabbed a Li’l Woody, their classic burger offering, and a basket of fries to share. (Read more about stop #1) […]

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