National Cheeseburger Day Crawl Burger #2: Scooter’s Burgers

Scooters CheeseburgerOn we march to stop number 2: Scooter’s Burgers

Never heard of it? Well you’ve more than likely driven past it if you’ve ever gone down 24th St. in Ballard.

Just past the QFC lies this hidden gem. The red awning is hard to miss, but many people do. And you definitely do not want to be one of those that do, especially if you’re hungry for a burger and want a shake as well.

The pick: Scooter’s Cheeseburger

For a whopping $5.19 you get that large cheeseburger you see in the picture. It’s a 1/4 lb patty, tomatoes, lettuce, pickles, Scooter sauce and of course cheese. The sesame bun brings it all together with a slight toast that helps it melt in your mouth.

It’s a classic burger with a close to classic price. Highly recommended.

We won’t be missing this place again. 

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  1. […] On we marched up 24th Street, past the QFC, to Scooter’s Burgers. It’s a fairly unassuming shack but their red awning shone like a beacon to burger-goodness. Scooter’s was a place we’d driven past a number of times but never ended up stopping by; it’s one of those places that’s so convenient to us that we always figured we’d get there eventually, eventually was Friday. We ordered up some classic cheeseburgers and fries. I really wanted a shake but I didn’t think I’d survive very long on this crawl if I added a shake on top. (Read more about stop #2) […]

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