Urban Family Brewing – Beer Release

UFBRHot on the heels of the Fancy Sauce Peche and Raspberry release a few weeks ago, Urban Family Brewing is set to introduce three more excellent offerings. Since moving to their new space in Magnolia, Urban Family has been producing excellent, small batch, old-world style farmhouse ales. This weekend they’ll be releasing a Berliner Weisse alongside two Saisons.  

Release date: Saturday, September 26th @ 1:00 PM 

Beer descriptions (from Steve Dieva of Urban Family):

Herr Kinski’s Apricot Dream-Spiral: This berliner-weisse is the love of Herr Kinski, the mad dreamer. Conditioned atop heaps, and heaps, of fresh apricots. This beer is supremely dry, tart, and has a beautifully fresh aroma of peaches, flowery apricots, and bright tart wheat.

The Flowers Are Sleeping: Saison brewed with wheat, and dry-hopped with a heap of fresh Washington honeysuckle, and elderflower This beer has a dry finish, with a mild honey-like sweetness, and great aromas of apple orchards, fresh flowers, and rustic malts.

Voices Underground: A beautiful interpretation of a classic Saison. It is simply brewed with five grains, hopped entirely with the beautiful inexorable Cascade hop, and fermented with our magickal Mutate Perpetuus house yeast and brett culture. With hints of fresh orchard apples, citrus flowers, black pepper, and a slightly tart dry finish, this beer is beautiful, folks!

Luchador Taco Co. will also be on hand Saturday serving up some tasty eats. 


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