Oct. 9 – Holy Mountain Beer Release

Holy Mountain Release Oct9We are always excited for a Holy Mountain bottle release and we’re happy to report there’s another one coming up this Friday (Oct. 9, 12PM). Available will be two barrel aged saisons along with a barrel aged sour. During the last release, the more limited bottle ended up selling out within a couple hours. If you want to be sure to get your hands on all three then we recommend you get there early!

Info from Holy Mountain:

Bottle release this Friday, 10/09 at noon.

The Gray Tower – A blended oak aged brett saison. Conditioned in the bottle for 5 months. 6 bottle limit.

The Hart – An acidic saison barrel fermented with a house mixed culture. 12 bottle limit.

Clarette – Fermented in barrels with our house wild culture, refermented on cherries and raspberries. 2 bottle limit.

All refermented in the bottle with brett. $15 each. We will have Clarette on draught as well. The beautiful illustration for The Hart courtesy of @briansteely


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