The Pine Box – Ales from the Crypt: Scary short stories and Suds

Ales from the cryptWhat better place for Halloween festivities than an old mortuary turned beer bar? If, like us, you enjoy the morbid idea of drinking great beer surrounded by the ghosts of those long past then The Pine Box is where you want to be this week. The Pine Box puts together some of the best events every Halloween season and this year is no different. 

First up this week is Ales from the Crypt, an event presented in partnership with Seattle Public Library as part of their Booktoberfest celebration. 

Event Details:

Love scary stories? Love beer? What about scary stories “about” beer? Come gather round the beer taps on Capitol Hill to hear chilling tales of the macabre consequences of bragging under the influence, and of the grim and ghastly fate that awaits those who chug spoiled beer! Here’s the perfect way to get in the Halloween spirit while enjoying a drink with friends. Join The Pine Box and Seattle librarian David Wright as he reads a few nail biting narratives as part of our week long celebration leading up to All Hallows’ Eve. Plenty of pumpkin ales and scary tales to be enjoyed with friends! The perfect way to get in the spirit. Stories will last around 45 minutes.


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