Brouwer’s – New Belgium Cellar Night

NB LogoMost of you know, Brouwer’s houses a collection of some seriously awesome beer. They generally have a great lineup on tap, but take a peak at their bottle list and you’ll be even more impressed. Now imagine what they keep in the cellar and don’t tell us about. Got it? Well this Tuesday they’ll be pulling out some rare cellar goodies from New Belgium for us to try. 

Here’s the event info from Brouwer’s:

Are you a fan of New Belgium Brewing and all the crazy awesome beers they make? Have you have had different vintages of La Folie? No matter what the answers are to those questions you should be drinking these beers.

We are always looking for cool ways to pull beers from our cellar so join us on November 10th and taste these delicious beers:

ClutchDark Wild Ale; stout blended with 20% sour Oscar (dark sour).

La Folie ’14Flanders Oud Bruin; a blend of Oscar (dark sour base) aged from 1 to 3 years per barrel.

La Folie ’13See description above just older.

Vrienden AleWild ale; A collabeeration with Allagash Brewing Company this wild was brewed with Belgian Endive and Hibiscus flowers, dosed with Lacto from Felix then a whole lot of funky Brett from Allagash.

Brett BeerWild Ale; Brewed in collabeeration with Port Brewing Co / The Lost Abbey this funky golden ale was brewed with pale malts and Target, Centennial and Sorachi hops. All the ingrediants were only added to support the star of the show, Brettanomyces, cellared this brew should offer pineapple notes with a funky, sours edge.

Love Oscar PeachDark Wild ale, this barrel aged delight starts off as Oscar (notorious as the base beer of La Folie) then is added to Leopold Bros. peach whiskey barrels for months until it is ready for the drinking.



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