Rooftop Brewing – Raise the Roof Party

Roof Roof RoofIf you thought drinking great beer on a rooftop deck was cool, wait til you try it on a roof with a roof. Party at Rooftop Brewing all weekend long as they celebrate the installation of the new roof. That’s right, a roof on their rooftop deck – roof^2! Or we can take it one step further – enjoy a beer at Rooftop Brewing on the roof while under a roof – roof^3!

Alright, before we get too far down the rabbit hole, here’s the details for this weekend:

We have a roof on our rooftop deck! Come help us celebrate by drinking outside under full cover this weekend, starting Friday, November 20th! We’ll have several beers to help usher in our winter outdoor drinking season that you won’t want to miss:

– The debut of our Rooftop Holiday Ale – in a (full sized) Firkin! (Tapping Friday)

– 3 year Hoppin Honey (Tapping Friday)

– Bourbon Oaked Imperial Stout (Tapping Saturday)

– Rainier Creek Ale (Tapping Saturday)

Drinking outside but staying warm is the best, you guys. Come do it with us!

Curbside Burgers and Brats will be there serving up some tasty grub as well.

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