Ugly Sweater & National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation Movie Event

Sumerian Ugly SweaterFeel like drinking some great beer this Friday (12/4 @6PM)? Of course you do. Well, do you have an ugly sweater and enjoy Chevy Chase films? If yes, then you’re all set for tonight. If no, what the heck is wrong with you? Head to Sumerian Brewing in Woodinville tonight for their Ugly Sweater and National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation event and have the “Hap-Hap-Happiest Christmas!”

Event details:

Wear your Ugly Sweater, drink some great beer, have some food and join us to watch National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation on our Brewhouse 165 inch high definition projector screen!

Regardless of how tacky and overly festive some may think Ugly Christmas sweaters are, we love them and celebrate every inch of their cotton, wool or synthetic marvel – we want you to relish in their repetitive use of green, red and white with ingrown bells that sometimes ring in tune.

Whether you don your gay apparel with traditional icons like Santa, reindeer and Christmas trees, or bask in modern favorites like kittens, unproportionate sized choo-choo trains and other things just make us say, “huh?” Prizes for the top 3!

Come enjoy the Holidays’ the Ugly Sweater at Sumerian Way!


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