Spruce Springsteen Release at The Pine Box

thepineboxTonight (12/11 @6pm), head over to The Pine Box and join them for the release of their collaboration winter warmer produced with Backwoods Brewing Company – Spruce Springsteen.

About the beer: Brewed with Brown Sugar, Cinnamon, Orange Peel, and of course, Spruce Tips. We’ll have the brewers along with plenty of other beers from Backwoods in the house.

  • Backwoods Big Cedar IRA 6.5%
  • Backwoods Bourbon Barrel Stout 10%
  • Backwoods Double Cut IPA 8.5%
  • Backwoods Log Yard IPA 6.7%
  • Backwoods Nitro Ridge Run Stout 7.1%
  • Backwoods Spruce Springsteen 9.5%
  • Backwoods Winchester Brown 6.2%

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