Burdick Holiday Party

Burdick HPBurdick Brewery is one of the best breweries in Seattle that most people still haven’t heard of, and even fewer have visited. We’ve tried to remedy that by constantly recommending them to friends whenever we’re asked for our favorite breweries. Today (12/12), Burdick is giving you a great reason to visit – their Holiday Party. There will be plenty of delicious beer, swag giveaways, music, and bottle releases. 

Event info:

We are throwing a Holiday Party at the brewery. It’s an exciting time around here at Burdick. We will be releasing our Whiskey Stout in Bottles and it will be on the nitro tap at the brewery. We hope you can join us for music, swag giveaways, discounts, and the launch of our new 22oz bottles.

We hope you can join us. Here are a few highlights.

-First 20 people through the door get 7% off any bottle purchases.
-Swag giveaways every hour.
-We will have Whiskey Stout and Burdick Pale Ale for purchase in 22oz bottles.
-Dynamite Nugget will play at 10pm to close out the day.
-Free to go coffee all day.


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