Urban Family Beer Release – The Only Schip Worth a Damn

SchipSometimes we feel especially lucky to live in Magnolia, and today is one of those days. Urban Family is releasing “The Only Schip Worth a Damn” – a collaboration beer with Perennial Artisan Ales, Telegraph Brewing Company, and Snipes Mountain Brewing. And even better, we can walk there (not that we will, it’s pouring).

About ‘The Only Schip Worth A Damn”:

7-ish months ago we had a few friends over, we played some basketball, and we brewed a barrel fermented, spontaneous sour ale. 

Local microflora from our beloved Magnolia using top cut barrels, similar to a koelschip, placed outdoors to gain all that Magnolia’s air has to offer. Also, souring culture from Perennial Artisan Ales, local yeast from Telegraph Brewing Company, and aged whole leaf hops from Snipes Mountain Brewing. All placed into wine barrels and aged for 7+ months.

Bottle sales begin today (12/12) at 1PM and are $10/each, with no bottle limit from the Urban Family tasting room in Magnolia. 


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