Meet Santa at The Pine Box

santa pine boxYou remember it, your parents bringing you to the mall to meet Santa Claus. You told him what you wanted for Christmas, snapped a couple pictures, and got a candy cane. Then you grew up, learned the truth about Santa, stopped going to the mall, and simply asked your parents for presents. It’s a disenchanting part of growing up.

Admit it, there’s still that little kid in all of us, something in you that still wants to believe in magic, maybe not a fat guy in a suit breaking into your home and eating your cookies, but some kind of magic. That’s where tonight’s (12/17) event comes in. The Pine Box allows us all the opportunity to be a little kid again, we get to meet Santa but this time we get to do it with a delicious pint in our hand!

Event details:

Join 21st Amendment Brewery for a night of Beer and Holiday Cheer! Along with great 21A Beer on tap we’ll be taking photos with Santa!

On Tap:

  • Fireside Chat Winter Spiced Ale
  • Toaster Pastry India Red Ale
  • El Sully Mexican-Style Lager
  • Good Things Belgian Style Tripel collaboration with Drake and Cleophus Quealy – only keg in WA
  • Marooned on Hog Island Oyster Stout – only keg in WA

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