Beer Release: Rooftop – Ladro Sul Tetto

RTBRooftop Brewing and their neighbor, Ladro Roasting (Cafe Ladro), have collaborated on a coffee-infused pale ale that’s sure to please both of their fans. 

Release info from Rooftop:

Rooftop Brewing Company, LLC (Rooftop) is excited to announce the release of the Ladro Sul Tetto, a coffee infused pale ale, created in collaboration with our co-tenant and neighbors, Ladro Roasting (Ladro).

Rooftop had been looking for an opportunity to collaborate with Ladro ever since we moved into our new space in August of 2015. We have developed a new appreciation of coffee and learned so much through tastings and conversations with the passionate Ladro employees.  Our intention was to create a different sort of coffee beer – we wanted to accentuate the coffee flavor yet maintain a drinkability so that it would appeal to a wide audience. The Ladro Sul Tetto is the result of more than 12 test batches where we tried different combinations of grains, hops and coffee beans as well as different methods of infusing the coffee.

Ladro Sul Tetto (Italian for, ‘thief on the roof’) is a pale ale infused with Ethiopian Hama beans, giving it flavors of honey and nougat, and a pleasant lemon zest acidity. The light malt base and floral aroma hops are intended to accentuate the nougat and citrus flavors of the coffee.  The Ethiopian Hama is a single origin, washed and light roasted coffee from the Gedeo Region of Ethiopia and is certified Fair Trade – Organic.

“Ladro owner Jack Kelly and their head roaster Dismas Smith (the first ever North American Barista Champion) approached us about doing a collaboration with the intention of making a very a different coffee beer” said Craig Christian, owner and general manager of Rooftop. “Most coffee beers are either dark beers with dark roast coffee or hoppy with a combination of beans and hops. We really wanted to make a beer that was more about high end, light roast coffee and the delicious flavors associated with those beans, like the citrus and nougat flavors of the Hama.”

Ladro Sul Tetto is available right now at the Rooftop tasting room (1220 W. Nickerson St. Seattle, WA 98119) as well as on the spring menu at Zeek’s pizza at 1915 Queen Anne Ave N.


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