Bottle Release: Stoup – The 4th Nail

The 4th Nail Bottle ReleaseEvery year The Pine Box celebrates their anniversary with a special beer release in their honor. This responsibility typically falls to one of the area’s best breweries and results in a highly sought after and delicious beer. Previous installments have included: Fremont Brewing’s 1st Nail Imperial Stout with cinnamon, licorice, and smoked barley; 10 Barrel’s 2nd Nail Green Apple Cider Weiss; and Holy Mountain’s 3rd Nail hite wine barrel aged Brett-Pale Ale. This year, Stoup Brewing produced The 4th Nail Belgian Imperial Stout to continue the tradition of exceptional beers celebrating The Pine Box. 

We got a chance to try The 4th Nail at The Pine Box anniversary party last week and can say we were extremely impressed. Stoup produced a beer that continued the history of excellence associated with The Pine Box anniversary offerings. Amongst one of the finest tap-lists you’ll see on a yearly basis The 4th Nail stood taller than most. 

About The 4th Nail Belgian Imperial Stout:

“The 4th Nail is a dark, smooth, dare we say, sexy beer created to celebrate the 4th Anniversary of The Pine Box, purveyor of great beer on Capitol Hill. Dark Belgian candi sugar, roasted malts and dark crystal malts add moderate sweetness, molasses and licorice notes followed by a roasty finish. We used a mixed fermentation of American Ale yeast and Belgian Saison yeast for even more depth and complexity.” – Brad Benson, Stoup Brewing. The 4th Nail – ABV:9.55% IBU: 40 SRM: 62

The 4th Nail will be available for purchase on tap and in 22oz. bottles beginning Tuesday (3/29, 3PM). Bottles will be limited to 2 per person. The 4th Nail will sell out quick, don’t miss out! 


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