Congratulations! You have found a great resource for opinions about burgers and brews in the Seattle area from real people. Yes, that is right, REAL people. Neither of us are actual food critics, but rather just regular people trying to give our opinions straight on what makes our taste buds sizzle, and crave for more. This will not be a place for you to come and get fluff, but rather it will allow you to know what you can expect from the experiences that we have and share.

About the Authors:

Matt Templon (MT): Hailing originally from the great state of NJ Matt has found his way out to the Pacific Northwest by way of the Midwest. Growing up Matt had a love for a good burger, and continues this passion even more so now. Whenever he goes out to restaurants he is best known for looking for the best burger, and will always chose a nice burger over a steak. While living in Milwaukee for 7.5 years Matt gained an even greater affinity for burgers frequently going to Sobelmans (http://milwaukeesbestburgers.com/) and being a regular at AJ Bombers (http://ajbombers.com/). With his ability to quickly eat food and love for burgers Matt was challenged in college to the 4# burger contest at Kelly’s Bleachers (http://www.kellysbleachers1.com/). In addition to his love for burgers Matt also developed a palate for a good brew while in Ireland in the Spring of 2005. Living in Milwaukee helped to cater to this love even more, as the various micro-brews from the area, and around Wisconsin, allowed him to try many different beers. While Matt still will order an occasional Miller Lite while out at the local watering-hole, 9 times out of 10 he will chose a local craft beer looking for the next Spotted Cow (http://www.newglarusbrewing.com/).

Joey Tirpak (JT): Born in New Jersey, Joey has spent a good portion of his life moving all over the states and now finds himself in the Emerald City. Moving around afforded Joey the opportunity to sample offerings from all over but he found the burger to be his true love at a young age. He settled in NJ for the majority of his middle and high school life which is where he came across his friend, and the other half of this unstoppable burger munching force, Matt. Together they chowed down on burgers from all over the state and even spent a great deal of time flipping their own. Since NJ, Joey has spent his time in the South East and in the D.C. area. While living and working in D.C. Joey could typically be found enjoying a burger at one of his two favorite spots, Chadwick’s in Georgetown (http://www.chadwicksrestaurants.com/) and Mr. Smith’s on M Street (http://www.mrsmiths.com/). A beer connoisseur, Joey has always had a passion for trying new and local brews wherever he goes and has found a haven for it in the Pacific Northwest.


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